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Checking In On A Couple of Updates!

Hello folks, sorry that I have not updated this in a while, but I have been rather busy lately with a LOT of university work. I am in my final term there now, so my dissertation has taken priority at the moment...well that and one other project.


First of all, I am pleased to announce that you will be able to get hold of Two Point Hospital (the game that I have been so fortunate to compose some of the music for), on 30th August 2018. If you were a fan of Theme Hospital, then will love this. At the moment it is only available on Steam.

Before I carry on, I want to say thanks to the folks at Cedar Studios who have done most of the music and ALL the sound design, effects, Foley etc. as well as all the help and advice they gave me when I saw them in October when we began to mix one of my cues for the game. I cannot wait for you peeps to see and hear what everyone at Two Point Studios, Cedar Studios and I have been up to. Below is the pre-order trailer for you to drool over...


You can also find the video (below) to the frightfully observant YouTuber, Blarla, who gives a very good review on her thoughts on the game, as she and a few others were fortunate enough to take part in a private play test. It is deep and thorough review and includes my first proper shoutout.


And here is another update, I will be doing the live instrumentation recording for the EP that I mentioned a while ago, this Sunday. I am really very excited about this. I intend to have the whole EP recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by 31st July 2018. I will be releasing it on various platforms in the middle of August. I will post updates on social media.

Once the EP has been released, I will be composing a detailed blog about the compositional process.

As the hip young kids say these days; 'watch this space!'

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