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"Jack is a super talented, up and coming young musician. Jack has strong communication skills and is highly capable of interpreting a given brief. Jack works well with feedback, in my experience he was comfortable with direction, turning around revisions ASAP.


Jack’s style has a stand out quality. It doesn’t follow current trends or “fads of the day”. He has the confidence in what he produces, taking influences from many different reference points."

Gary Carr

Director of Two Point Studios. ('Two Point Hospital')

Previously part of Bullfrog Productions ('Theme Park', 'Theme Hospital' etc.) & Lionhead Studios ('The Movies', The 'Fable' franchise etc.)


"Jack's a talented composer with a deep knowledge of music theory, a pleasure to work with and someone to keep an eye out for!"

Tom Puttick

Director of Cedar Studios


"Jack is one of the most accomplished composers and arrangers to come through the ranks of ACM. He has a great ear for melody and is remarkably versatile across multiple genres from pop and rock to full orchestral scores- hire him while you can afford him!"

Jamie Wilson




"Jack is a very talented composer.  He is very versatile as a composer for both games and films as well as been an excellent producer. He comes highly recommended."


Tony Briscoe Composer/Producer

(Craig David, Beverley Knight, David Attenborough etc.).


"Jack is showing great potential in his composition and production skills creating original work which would complement both drama and documentary film and TV."

John Gallen

Producer, Sound Engineer & Composer  (Queen, Motorhead, Incognito, Simply Red etc.)



"If you haven’t yet worked with Jack, please consider hiring him for your musical needs. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and an overall great composer!" 

Tony Manfredonia

Composer for Video Games ('Kharon's Crypt', 'Plan Be' etc.) and concert pieces



"I got to work with Jack after a mutual friend who was composing music for Hartacon Tactics asked him to contribute with a few tracks. When I listened to his pieces I saw them playing with the images of my game in my mind: they were a perfect match, they had the energy, the intensity and the style I was looking for.


I asked Jack to compose more and ended up using only his music. Every track he has made has a clear identity and it was ideal for me as I wanted each scenario to give the players a different experience and make them feel immersed in the action and the environment. Jack's music really added value to the game.

Jack worked professionally and with a lot of patience to accommodate my requests, and I can be fussy!" 

Daniele Messina AKA Charlie Fleed, creator of Hartacon Tactics


"Jack is a focused and driven composer, passionate about crafting and creating original and compelling scores and soundtracks. Receptive and hardworking, which makes him a pleasure to deal with." 

Ace (Skunk Anansie)

Guitarist, Author, Teacher, Session Player, Producer & Musical Entrepreneur


"It's always a pleasure working with Jack.  His work is evolving at a rate of knots after constructive industry feedback. His care and attention are getting finer in detail with some great results and attention from the gaming sector".

Kieron Pepper (The Prodigy)


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